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Some Useful Tips to Protect Computer from Cyber Criminals

Now a days protecting the computer from cyber criminals is very important. Because generally all work done by the computer and it stored all kind of personal and financial information.

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Cyber Thieves uses Zika Virus for their benefit

The Zika Virus has been all over the news lately and people are treating it as if it is something new. In fact, the virus named for the Zika Forest in Uganda, was first discovered way back in 1947. During the time

How to save Companies from Ransomware

On February 5th, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center declared a state of emergency. Cyber criminals had hacked into its system and were holding its files hostage. The hospital resorted to pencil and paper, transferred some patients to other hospitals, and temporarily shut

15 Year Old Hacker Boy Arrested in Scotland Under Hacking Act 1990

The CIA director might be happy. A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in Scotland over charges that he violated the U.K.’s anti-hacking regulations. Following a search of a property in the Glasgow area on Tuesday, February 16, a 15-year-old male

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Cyber Attacks

Med Star Heath Hospital Shut Down its Computer System Due to Cyber Attack

Med Star Heath is running the biggest chain of hospitals in the Baltimore-Washington area shut down their computer system due to virus attack in the system. A computer Med Star

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Some Famous Techniques to Crack Password of Social Accounts

There are several techniques such as phishing, guessing, social engineering and so on which used by hackers to hack your social networking accounts. By using these techniques hacker is able to attain your personal information and access your social accounts

Flaw in Apple iMessge would allow hackers to steal iPhone Photos and Videos

Researcher Team from John Hopkins University has revealed a flaw in Apple’s iMessage which would hackers/ attackers to intercept and decrypt images and videos. As per the Washington Post, “A team leads by Matthew D. Green understood that the flaw

Adele Upset and Angry Due to Hacking of Private Photographs Posted Online

Private photographs of Adele Singer hacked by hacker. The stolen photographs includes some private moments in the 27- year old singer life which includes photos new born baby which is covered with blanket and also previous photos of Adele which

SWIFT Warns to Bank on Security after Hacking Central Bank in Bangladesh

As per media sources it is determined that, “The SWIFT messaging system plans warn banks to ensure that they must follow security practices in all banks after unexpected cyber attack on Bangladesh’s central bank which steal $81 million”. Swift was

Collectively a Group of Hacker declares ‘Total War’ against Donald Trump

Collectively a group of hackers has declared “total war” against Donald Trump for all “hacking activities across the globe” to break the US Republican presidential candidate’s websites Dear Donald Trump, we have been watching your activities for long time period

Steps to Hack Facebook Account

Hacking the Facebook Account also comes under cyber crime but youth can hack Facebook account just for fun or misuse. 1 Firstly Open the Put the email id of that person you want to hack the account and then

Gemalto Decided to Provide eID Program in Jordan

Gemalto is one of the world well renowned digital security firm that was selected by Jordan’s Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (MoICT)  for the country’s citizen new ID program. Gemalto will provide the Ministry of Inferior along with OFFTEC

U.S is planning to blame Publicly Iranian Hackers for 2013 Cyber Attack on New York Dam

As per media sources, it is determined that “The Obama Administration is scheduling to blame Iranian Hackers publicly for 2013 Cyber Attack New against a dam in New York State” As per U.S officials, “The Justice Department has arranged an

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Plans to set up Cyber Crime Branch in Mumbai

Sinha was talking on the inauguration function of newly build 13 storey-offices building which situated in Bandra- Kurla Area in Mumbai Cyber crime is increasing very rapidly, for that Central Bureau of Investigation is planning to set up special crime

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